I’ve just finished redesigning my main website ( and so far I’ve been happy with it…I get to play around with using JQuery to present my portfolio; which is probably my favorite part of the site…I have a few plans to add more stuff to it; mainly some Flash animations…which leads me to this:

see these “kewl” drawings?

I wanted to animate them with Flash; wouldn’t it be awesome to see that zombie trying to dig it self out? Or see the robot and the iPhone dance? Well due to the fact that I want to support as much of the browsers out there, and Apple deciding not to support Flash on the iPhone or iPad, I came to the conclusion that I probably should leave them as jpegs…All is not lost though, because there are ways around it..I could probably use a browser detect script to replace the swfs with jpegs for Mobile Safari…we’ll see, but right now I like the way my site looks :)…Please feel free to take a look around!

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