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Preserving Inconsistencies | WEAKCHILD

Preserving Inconsistencies

The Cast

"Academia" main cast (click for larger version)

Above is the picture of the main cast of my animated project, not sure what to call it yet but for right now I’m calling it “Academia”. From left to right is Ginsberg, Dylan fighting with Winston and Red running out to break them up… Working on this little group shot was not just for completing a single image but also to determine several factors that will come into play later on during production i.e: Color charts for each character, the line weight, and how smooth the lines should be….Although the lines are a little bit cleaner on the image above, I think I’ll go with the roughness of the drawing shown below:

Ginsberg's Color Chart

Ginsberg's Color Chart

Notice that the line work on Ginsberg’s color chart is pretty rough and not overly smooth; even though this was drawn directly into the computer via my Cintiq, I didn’t think i needed to go over the drawing again with any kind of line smoothing tool. The rawness and the little nervous ticks i made while drawing him are all in there; and I think it just helps the drawing have more character. If it had perfectly smooth lines due to the computer’s smoothing tools I think that will make it look too clinical and soulless. I guess that’s why I love the animations of people such as Bill Plympton and Patrick Smith— theirs are drawings that ooze character.  Although I’m going into full on digital workflow when I start animating ( you trees better thank me!), it is more because I’m hoping it’ll save me time. I lost count on how many hours i spent scanning in dozens upon dozens of drawings when I was working on my senior project. And I felt bad every time i had to crumple up a sheet of paper and toss it into the trash bin because I made a mistake.  I should say though, as much as I love working on my Cintiq, nothing beats drawing using pencil and paper.

Now I don’t know how all of  this would look when animated…I guess that’s the next test I’ll have to do. We shall see then.

One Response to Preserving Inconsistencies
  1. Tim
    April 19, 2010 | 3:16 pm

    These are sweet! I like what you got going on with the lines. they do bring more life to the characters vs. crisp vector lines.

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