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Boxer doodle

I need to start posting more doodles and sketches…here’s one for today.


The Night Of all Fears

Awesome animation made using Flash and After Effects…Congrats to the team for winning the CGSociety Challenge! The Night Of all Fears, CGsociety challenge. from Corallo Cyril on Vimeo. And check out the “Making Of” video below! one minute making of from Corallo Cyril on Vimeo.

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I’ve just finished redesigning my main website (weakchild.com) and so far I’ve been happy with it…I get to play around with using JQuery to present my portfolio; which is probably my favorite part of the site…I have a few plans to add more stuff to it; mainly some Flash animations…which leads me to this: see…

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Back To The Grind

UUGGGHHH…I’ve gotten sidetracked with other stuff going on, specifically with my band Andalusian Dog… I haven’t done anything this past month regarding this animation project because I’ve been playing the role of a band promoter…We’ve got a couple of shows comin up but I really want to devote more time into doing this animation…Rough story…

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Preserving Inconsistencies

Above is the picture of the main cast of my animated project, not sure what to call it yet but for right now I’m calling it “Academia”. From left to right is Ginsberg, Dylan fighting with Winston and Red running out to break them up… Working on this little group shot was not just for…

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Back to the Basics

With the continued development of my animated project (which is still untitled) I realized that i need to go back and dust off the rust on the skills I barely used after college (which is about five years now)…I had to get back into the habit of drawing and review the basics of animation; and…

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More on Storytelling

Whilst digging deeper into concept art and pre-production, I still go and review the main concept behind the project..I look back through my notes and see if the story could use some tweaking..Is there even a core idea I want to convey? Should an episodic format be treated differently than a feature length or self…

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Expression sheets and story concepts.

Here are a few expression sheets for two of the main characters for the yet untitled animated project I’m working on…Notice that they are both drawn on a legal pad…I have found it more freeing to draw on a cheap legal pad to develop concept art designs, there is less pressure to the artist compared…

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I’m using every little free time I have brainstorming for this little animated show idea i have…I can’t give away any specific details yet besides the fact that it’s going to be done in 2D with some 3D elements discreetly used…The above image is a “mindmap” of the ideas i have brewing: regarding plot/gag ideas/character…

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Loved the movie, actually got teary eyed in the first 10 minutes…but I’m loving this remix

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